guiding light 1980

guiding light 1980

Guiding Light was a beloved soap opera that aired for over 70 years, captivating viewers with its compelling storylines and iconic characters. In the 1980s, the show introduced some unforgettable characters that left a lasting impact on fans.

Reva Shayne Lewis – Played by Kim Zimmer, Reva was a feisty and independent woman who always found herself in the middle of drama. Her tumultuous relationships and larger-than-life personality made her a fan favorite.

Joshua Lewis – Joshua, played by Robert Newman, was a complex character with a troubled past. He was known for his charisma and charm, as well as his tumultuous relationships with Reva and other characters on the show.

Beth Raines – Beth was a kind-hearted and compassionate character played by Judi Evans. Her relationships with both Philip Spaulding and Lujack Luvonaczek were central to her storyline, making her a central figure on the show.

Ross Marler – Ross, played by Jerry ver Dorn, was a successful lawyer and a devoted father. His role as a mentor to other characters and his sizzling chemistry with Reva made him a standout character on Guiding Light.

Harley Davidson Cooper – Harley, played by Beth Ehlers, was a tough and determined character who faced many challenges throughout her time on the show. Her relationships with characters like Phillip Spaulding and Mallet made her a memorable presence on Guiding Light.

Alan Spaulding – Alan, played by Ron Raines, was a powerful and manipulative character with a dark side. His machinations and schemes kept viewers on the edge of their seats, making him a formidable antagonist on Guiding Light.

In conclusion, the iconic characters of Guiding Light in the 1980s left a lasting impact on fans and helped to solidify the show’s place in television history. Their compelling storylines and dynamic personalities continue to be remembered and cherished by viewers to this day.