We warmly welcome you to Iraq Mining 2016, the 2nd international conference, exhibition and trade fair for mining, mineral and material industries in Iraq

In partnership with The Ministry of Industry and Minerals and The National Investment Commission, Symexco is proud to bring you the highly anticipated 2nd anniversary of Iraq Mining: the next decisive event on mining in Iraq.

Iraq Mining 2016 will cover the entire mining, cement, fertilizer, chemical and petrochemical industries, including: geological surveying, exploration, development and production, smelting and processing, engineering and services trading, investment, financing and technology.

This is a unique opportunity to advance yourself in one of the world’s most promising mining markets, learn first-hand from experts of Iraq’s natural resource wealth and network with key governmental decision-makers and your international peers. The two-day conference is expected to attract over 200 participants from over 20 countries. Make sure you don’t miss out.

The Aim

To facilitate constructive dialogue and exchanges between all the key players in reviving and rebuilding the world class mining, mineral and material industries in Iraq.

Keynote speakers of Iraq Mining 2016

The Objectives

  • To discuss and develop opportunities in the mining, mineral and material industries in Iraq.
  • To exhibit and to extend business links with all industries related to mining, minerals and materials in order to explore their suitability for revitalising the industries in Iraq.
  • To bring together government, investors and mining companies to award new licenses for exploration and exploitation of the natural resources of Iraq.
  • To find the best solution for your business to work in Iraq and resolve problems, if any, through direct talks with the Minister, Senior Advisors or Director Generals of the relevant industry.
  • To re-evaluate the topographical and political map of Iraq pointing out the best suited areas for the mining industry.
  • To develop networks as well as business cooperation and collaboration between governments, local industries. bankers, investors and their international counterparts.

Key Topics

  • Iraq's long-term view on trade and development
  • Future outlook of key minerals and commodities
  • Business in Iraq – the ins and out
  • Phosphates and the Fertilizer Industry
  • Cements and building materials
  • Iraq’s infrastructure and logistics
  • The Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Mining: strategy for growth
  • Iraq's economic reforms
  • The political framework and security assessments

Why Iraq Mining 2016?

Benefit from opportunities to connect with leading ministries, geological surveys and resource companies. Network with critical stakeholders, negotiate business partnerships and showcase projects to high ranking industry and government professionals. Attain world leading insight into potential solutions regarding pressing challenges such as technology transfer and investment barriers in the region. Contribute to the development of infrastructure within exporting countries and create market leading business opportunities.

Why Attend?

During our two day event on mining and minerals in Iraq, under the patronage of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals of Iraq, potentials will be turned into opportunities. It is now that you have to move in Iraq, lest you want to miss out on some of the most profitable and mutually beneficial deals in the industry.

  • Meet the decision makers in Iraq, representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, including the deputy Minister, the special adviser to the Minister and the Director General of GeoSurv.
  • Learn about the exploration already underway and the new ones to be issued, be part of this exiting process
  • The world-wide interest in mining is on the rise yet again, act now and be among the first who will learn about the greatest opportunities in the region.
  • Iraq has some of the largest and most premium reserves in phosphates, interest in these materials and the entire fertilizer industry are booming.
  • PPP - Learn how the fertilizer and mining industries will develop, acquire entire plants and mines or get concessions to build new ones.
  • Iraq is rebuilding itself and extensive plans are underway for construction in the housing and infrastructure sectors. Invest in one of Iraq’s seven major cement plants or sign a deal to build a new one.
  • The steel and paint industries as well as the quarries for sediments and building materials are also looking for new investors.
  • Tell your story! Present your business model to the government of Iraq and your peers and secure the most lucrative contracts to date!

Whatever your role is in the mining industry, be it exploration, excavation, financial, investment or legal, you cannot miss out on the opportunities presented at Iraq Mining 2016. Iraq is the place to be and the time to act is now. Beat the rush to one of the most lucrative re-emerging markets in the world and register now.


State Company of Geological
National Investment Commission


  • IT was a thoroughly enjoyable and informative conference and we look forward to following-up the several opportunities we came away with.


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