H.E. Mohamed S al-Sudani

H.E. Minister of Industry and Minerals

Chairman of National Investment Commission

Senior Scientific Advisor

Dr Saffa F abdul-Majeed

Director of Iraq Geological Survey

Former Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Minerals and Industry

Emad Louis

Director General of Investment for MIM

Nasir al-Madani

Director General of General Cement Co.

Ali Hussein Alwan

Director General of General Mining Co.

Dr Khaldoun Al-Bassam

Former Director General of Geological Survey Iraq, Ministry of Industry and Minerals

Abdul-Ghani al-Jaafar

Director of Research and Development

Mustafa Bakr

Principal Consultant

Al Anbar Oil and Geological Services Company

Fawzi Abbas Ali Al-Katrani

Director General of Fertilizer Industries (south)

Fazaa al Fahdawi

Director General for General Phosphate Co.

Ali M Naeef

Head of Investment at General Mining Co.

Yousef Khalef Zegher Hussain

Senior Eng. Expert and Head of Dept.

Omar Hamed Salman

Expert Geologist

Raghd Muhi Al-Deen Al-Anbaqi

Senior Eng., Expert and Head of Dept


State Company of Geological
National Investment Commission


Al Morakeb Group
Menas Associates
Project Iraq
Erbil International Fair
Iraq Agro Food

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