Iraq Mining 2011 is an excellent opportunity to expand your business... Don't miss out!

Why you should participate

A unique opportunity to expand your business to one of the most promising and rapidy developing country in the world.

  • To have first hand information about major works planned on mining, mineral and materials in Iraq.
  • To meet, to discuss and to develop business opportunities with the top Iraqi officials and other key decision makers of Iraqi government on mining and its related industries in Iraq.
  • To meet, to cooperate and to collaborate with international investors on major works on mining and industry in Iraq.
  • To have the opportunity to provide information about your companies expertise as well as to exhibit your products and services that you can offer to the Iraqi and the Middle East market.

Iraq Mining and the Oil Rush

  • Extensive mineral deposits and the availability of huge oil resources mean that Iraq is forecast to develop rapidly in the coming years.
  • Huge numbers of exploration opportunities over a large number of resources are available and the Iraqi government is offering outstanding opportunities for investment.
  • This is a perfect time to find out what opportunities are available for your business.

Who will attend Iraq Mining 2011?

  • Senior Ministerial attendees from FOUR Ministeries
  • Current and former Government Ministers
  • Chief Geologists
  • Investment Bankers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Analysts
  • Senior Mining Executives
  • Government officials
  • Contract Lawyers
  • Mining Services directors
  • Investors

Iraq Mining 2011 will facilitate constructive dialogue between all the key players.

This intensive two day event will assist you in developing strategic plans for further business openings in Iraq. As a delegate you will meet with influential government officials, mining and exploration companies, investors, traders, analysts, equipment producers and suppliers.

There will also be a focus on learning from the present oil sector operations, relationships and contracts in order to build the future of the mining industry in Iraq.



Iraq mining 2011 is focusing on the centre of a region of high mining and mineral potentials.  Iraq is surrounded by countries such as Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia,  Kuwait, Jordan and Syria.  The mining industry of Iraq is expected to be a multi billion dollar industry and the sooner companies act the better in order to establish a foot hold in this very important resource-rich country. 

This is the first ever international event on mining in Iraq and with senior Iraqi government officials including Ministers, decision makers, advisors and experts as well as the National Investment Commission, bankers and investors all attending this will be a highly important and influential event.  If you are looking to develop links, cooperation and collaboration in Iraq then you should make sure that you don't miss out on this unique opportunity.

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